Advice on how to improve oral health

Date Released - 12/05/2022

BE WELL Tameside, a local health and wellbeing support service, is giving advice on ways to improve oral health.

The service is championing the benefits of everyone having better oral health in support of National Smile Month from 16 May to 16 June 2022 - a national charity campaign supported by the Oral Health Foundation.

This year’s theme is that Everyone Deserves A Healthy Smile.

To benefit from improved oral health people are advised to:



More top tips for great oral health can be found at

Good oral health has many benefits, not only for your mouth but your overall wellbeing too.  Taking good care of your oral health goes far beyond keeping your teeth and gums healthy, it also improves your quality of life.  In recent years, poor oral health, specifically gum disease, has been linked with a number of general health conditions.

If you have any of the symptoms of gum disease, which can include inflammation of the gums, causing them to be red, swollen and to bleed easily, especially when brushing, or an unpleasant taste in your mouth, bad breath, loose teeth or regular mouth infections, get in touch with your dentist.  A list of local dentists can be found at

Tameside Council’s Director of Population Health, Debbie Watson, said: “This is great advice.  Looking after your teeth by brushing, flossing and going for regular dental check-ups will certainly improve and help to maintain good oral health. 

“A healthy smile doesn't only benefit your mouth.  It also helps you achieve better physical health and mental wellbeing.  For children, it’s never too early to learn about the importance of great oral health and how to achieve it.  If you, or someone you know, has got into some bad habits, it’s never too late for you to make a positive change and improve your oral health. “

More information on improving oral health and how to access local services can be found at