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(please note the database is only complete from 1st January 2000)
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If you want a property search or to request a database search prior to 1st January 2000,
for instance,because you are buying a house and you want to know that work undertaken has consent
then we will search our past records for you.

There will be a fee of £20 for this service.

You can Order an online search of the Building Regulations here. Building Regulations
records however are not public so access is restricted.
Alternatively, if you require this service urgently, please ring 0161 342 4460
where staff will be pleased to advise you. There will be an extra charge for this service.

Copies of Certificates can also be ordered online at a cost of £20 each. You can
order a copy certificate here. This service is from planning history enquiries
and is chargeable as the records are not public.

If you have any problems or queries please Send us a Message
or ring 0161 342 4460.