Pupils enjoying eating their greens and more, thanks to award-winning practices at Tameside primary school

Date Released - 24/05/2018

Bradley Green Primary School has been given the Food4Life Gold award for its work showing pupils good practices around healthy eating and lifestyle.

The award has been given as every part of the school day at the facility encourages a healthy lifestyle, from registration to home-time.

It’s vital children get the right amount of energy and nutrients while they’re young as it helps them to grow.

To boost their knowledge, staff attended training sessions from the Tameside and Glossop Integrated NHS Foundation Trust children’s nutrition team where they learnt how to run healthy cooking clubs for families, tips for giving advice to families of children above a healthy weight, and what constitutes a healthy balanced diet.

Pupils have been taught which snacks are nutritional, low in fat and sugar and why this is important for your health. There are even cheap healthy snacks which the children can buy.

The school has banned pupils from bringing sweets into school and no longer offers second portions of food which contain lots of fat or sugar. Portions from the canteen are also kept to an appropriate size.

Parents have been encouraged to send their kids in with items that aren’t sweets for their birthdays. Staff also advised parents how important it is for the children to bring a healthy lunch to school.

Eating lunch at the school has never been so engaging, as the dining area has been given a revamp which makes it bright and appealing.

Food is no longer given as prizes as this would give the pupils a mixed message, children are instead rewarded with stickers, toys and extra playtime. Parents are also encouraged to donate books to the school library instead of bringing in sweets when it’s their child’s birthday.

Vicky Massey, learning mentor at Bradley Green Primary School, said: “Children have really enjoyed learning about healthy eating and it’s been great seeing them choosing fruit over sweets. We’ve made a lot of positive changes at this school that have been brilliantly received by the kids and their parents.

“The award isn't about the lessons being taught; it’s more about the social side, behaviour change, staff being good role models and encouraging the healthy options we have.”

Councillor Ged Cooney, Tameside Council Executive Member for Health, said: “Schools can have vital impact by promoting healthy eating to children and their families.  The food provided in schools should be balanced and meet children's nutritional needs to help them grow and develop into healthy adults. 

“Bradley Green Primary School has set a great example here in promoting healthy lifestyle both in and out of the classroom. It’s an example we hope others will follow.”

For more information please contact the children’s nutrition team on 0161 366 2351 or email tga-tr.childrensnutrition@nhs.net.


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