Tameside business wins re-launched award for serving kids healthier food

Date Released - 31/07/2018

A children’s play centre has won an award for its work offering healthier food for kids and adults from their café.

Tumbles Play Place, Mossley, has received the Healthier Catering ‘Commitment’ Award because its café has a range of nutritious options available to choose from.

To receive the honour the centre had to meet varied criteria including: removing sugar and salt from the tables (giving them out when asked), using Flora light instead of butter, cooking with low fat & low salt ingredients and offering 80 gram portions of fruit & veg. The centre’s café also uses compostable cups and straws instead of plastic.

The Healthier Catering initiative has been re-launched in Tameside by Environmental Health. It provides valuable recognition for local food businesses that can commit to offering their customers a range of healthier foods, while also using sustainable products. Businesses with a workplace canteen or delivery service can also apply.

Consumers are encouraged to look for the Healthier Catering logo when eating out in the borough.

The criteria for the award were designed by nutritionists working with Greater Manchester  and focuses on making more healthy options available; offering more portions of fruit, veg and salad; reducing salt, sugar and saturated fats; and increasing food hygiene levels and sustainability.

Darren Cyprus, Tumbles Play Place manager, said: “It’s all about offering a healthier choice, rather than forcing something unhealthy all the time on somebody. If nothing else, we feel a whole lot better in providing these choices to our customers, especially the kids. It hasn’t cost us a lot to make the change – we were almost there anyway.

“Occasionally a customer will make the effort just to say to us when they are leaving, that they are really happy with the fact we use compostable cups and straws and that they wish other businesses would do the same. Although only a small thing that makes us feel really proud.”

Cllr Ged Cooney, Tameside Council Executive Member for Health, said: “It’s been great to see a lot of businesses interested in meeting the criteria for the Healthier Catering Award since we decided to re-launch. We’re keen to work with as many food businesses as possible and I encourage interested parties to get in touch. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will benefit our community in Tameside.

“I’m particularly enthused by the number of children’s centres like Tumbles that are interested in going for the award. It’s crucial that the generation can grow up with healthy options from a young age.”

For more information, or if you think your business fits the criteria to win this award, please email charlotte.allen@tameside.gov.uk, call 0161 342 8355 or visit https://www.tameside.gov.uk/foodsafety/awards/healthiercateringaward.






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