Budding digital entrepreneurs create website which supports young people with their mental health

Date Released - 04/09/2018

Last year’s Tameside HACK winners the Jury Riggers showcased their innovative ‘You and Your Mind’ website at a specially organised presentation.

One of the prizes they received at HACK2 saw Keiran Wilkinson and Josh Betts (who make up the team) given the opportunity to link up with local Health and Social Care organisations, including Population Health and Care Together, to develop their website idea.

A pre-launch event was held on 29 August at Tameside, Oldham & Glossop Mind, in Ashton-under-Lyne, where the duo presented their website and talked about how it was developed.

The Jury Riggers have local connections and both attended Copley High School, Stalybridge. They have gained considerable experience developing the website and made many professional connections. These new contacts have even seen Keiran being headhunted by a digital marketing agency, where he now works as a developer while continuing his college education.

When Josh and Keiran attended Tameside HACK last year they went to have fun and enjoy the event. However, after winning the challenge that was designed by Population Health they continued to work with Population Health and other local organisations to develop their idea. Their original idea also saw the duo win the Best In Show Award at the 2017 event.

Population Health challenged the young hackers taking part to develop a digital solution that brings together mental health services and support, for young people in Tameside & Glossop.

Tameside HACK is a two-day coding competition for 12-18-year-old Tameside residents or school pupils, organised by the Tameside Council Employment and Skills team. The HACK project has been running for three years and is part of a drive to boost digital skills and entrepreneurship in the borough. At the events Challenge sponsors and organisations are asked to set digital challenges for the young people taking part.

The You and Your Mind website, conceived at HACK2, allows young people to find both local and national health and wellbeing services based on their needs.

Since the summer of 2017, The Jury Riggers have been working with multiple organisations to make their website live, including consulting young people across Tameside who have had mental health issues. Through an innovative design, the website guides young people to mental health support which is appropriate to how they are feeling, rather than showing a list of services. This is based on the notion that a young person would know how they feel but not necessarily what service or support they might need

This website can particularly benefit young people in the borough, as Tameside has a significantly higher than average self-harm rate among young people. Additionally, around 10% of school age children in the area have mental health issues.

Keiran: “We wanted to turn the website into something that was unique. As it’s more than just a directory and is more about making it easy to find the support you need straight from the home page.

“When we entered the hackathon we didn’t have much experience and now I have a job writing websites after a digital company approached me.

Keiran would be very happy for different versions of the website to be used in more locations, adding: “To see it in another area that isn’t Tameside would be amazing.”

Cllr Leanne Feeley, Tameside Council Executive Member for Lifelong Learning, said: “Keiran and Josh have shown so much dedication and commitment to see this project through over the last 18 months, especially as all the work they have done has been voluntary. I’m confident they’ll both go on to achieve great things!

“This new website will be an ideal tool for young people in Tameside and Glossop, who will be able to connect with mental health support based on how they are feeling. We are continuing to look for youth projects like this we can support, which will help bridge the digital skills gap in Tameside.”

To find out more about this project please visit the You and Your Mind website.

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