Safer Shopping in Ashton

Date Released - 09/10/2018

CHRISTMAS shopping should be more comfortable than ever in Ashton this year.

Work to increase the pedestrianised areas in the town centre should start within next few weeks.

Bollards restricting vehicular access to the market and main shopping streets are going to be renewed and some will be installed in new locations.

Cllr Allison Gwynne, Tameside Council’s executive member for Neighbourhood Services , said: “The creation of a bigger pedestrianised area will make shopping safer in all sorts of ways. It won’t just remove concerns about cars and vans, it’ll mean cleaner air too.

“We want to reclaim the area for shoppers to enable them to move freely without having to be on their guard at all times. The positioning of  the bollards has been planned to set out an area in which pedestrians are paramount and vehicles are secondary.

“This work is taking place alongside the Vision Tameside renewal of the market area. The plan is to heighten the whole shopping experience and make Ashton town centre a more pleasant place to visit.”

The renewal and installation of bollards will also prevent the few but persistent motorists from driving into pedestrianised areas for their own convenience. The bollards will be in position each day between 10am and 4pm, with deliveries occurring outside those hours.

When work on the new bollards begins, temporary traffic management will be put in place to protect pedestrians but the market will remain accessible at all times.

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