Breath of fresh air for Tameside woman who kicked 60k smoking habit with specialist local NHS support

Date Released - 17/01/2019

A Denton resident has quit her habit of between 30 & 40 cigarettes a day thanks to the report she received from Be Well Tameside, part of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Mary Henshaw, 58, had been smoking for nearly 40 years and has finally stubbed out the cigarettes. She wanted to share her story, as part of the Tameside Council-backed Health Harms campaign, so she can inspire others to take their first steps towards quitting.

Though she has managed to give up in the past, Mary thinks because of the support of Be Well Tameside team that she’ll now manage to stay smokefree for good.

Mary said: “The service I received was great. It felt really friendly and non-judgemental, and I wasn’t put under pressure. Gina, my advisor, took me through all the options, and let me decide which one would be best for my needs.

 “I’ve been able to save myself quite a bit of money since quitting, and I’ve treated myself to some new furniture”.

Evidence suggests that people are four times more likely to quit when seeking local smokefree support, from organisations like Be Well Tameside.

Cllr Brenda Warrington, Executive Leader of Tameside Council, said: “It’s great we have organisations like Be Well Tameside providing a key role in our reducing smoking rate, through the support they offer residents who want to quit.

“We’re backing the Health Harms campaign so we can help discourage residents from taking up the habit, while also showing its dangers to current smokers.”

For support and advice when quitting smoking contact Be Well Tameside by calling 0161 716 2000 or emailing

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