Time to Talk about mental health

Date Released - 11/02/2019

PEOPLE in Tameside and Glossop are being reminded that there’s support available if suffering from a mental health condition.

Evidence suggests that one in four people will experience mental health problems at some point in their lifetime. Mental health issues can affect anyone at any time and in any place. Nobody is immune to a mental health condition. Living with a mental health condition can affect many aspects of our daily life, from physical health to home and work.

That’s why, and in support of Time to Talk day, which is part of the Time to Change initiative, staff from NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (T&G CCG) and Tameside Council came together to talk about mental health, to listen and change lives.

Help is available and open to anyone over the age of 16 years, registered with a GP in Tameside and Glossop, through the Healthy Minds Service provided by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust’s Mental Health Service. They provide confidential care and treatment for people living with a mental health condition, offering support and treatment for experiences of difficultly sleeping, low mood/depression, stress, worry or anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, panic attacks plus many more conditions. They also offer a range of specialist treatment.

Dr Alan Dow, chair at NHS Tameside and Glossop CCG, said: “Often people don’t give their mental health as much importance as their physical health. One of our aims is to ensure that people living with a mental health condition are addressed and cared for in the same proactive way as their physical health.

“If anyone feels like they’re suffering with their mental health they should speak to friends and family about how they’re feeling, and not suffer in silence. Don’t isolate yourself.

“Visit your GP who will be able to listen to your problems and offer you the support and information you need.”

Tameside Council Executive Leader Cllr Brenda Warrington said: “It is important to understand that no one is alone.  Help is available and people should seek advice early rather than waiting until their mental health becomes unmanageable.

“If you notice a family member, friend, neighbour or colleague behaving or acting differently take the time to stop and have a conversation. You might just change their life.”

To access the Healthy Minds Service or for more information on common mental health problems and support options, speak to your GP or visit: www.penninecare.nhs.uk/healthyminds

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