Room Makers Scheme Creates Additional Foster Placements

Date Released - 25/07/2022

FOSTER families in Tameside have unveiled new bedrooms in their homes funded by the Greater Manchester Room Makers scheme that will provide additional placements for children in care.


Two Tameside foster families benefited from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) funding secured by Tameside Council to convert a spare room in their home into a bedroom. This has enabled foster carers to offer more children in care a loving and supportive home.


GMCA offered the funding to all foster carers in Greater Manchester who wanted to take on additional cared for young people. This was made possible by transforming an existing space in their home into a bedroom.


Two Tameside Fostering Households made use of the scheme, meaning at least two more fostering placements are available to children and young people, offering them a stable family setting where they can flourish.


In a video about the Room Makers project, local foster carer Maria Allen and local builder and foster carer Chris Hughes share their praise for the scheme.


Maria said: “There’s not enough placements out there for young people, especially the teenagers. It’s not because people don’t want to - sometimes it’s financial restraints. To be able to have that opportunity is brilliant.


“For me it was about giving another young person an opportunity. It’s been fantastic and enabled me to do that and offer another placement”.


“I think it’s amazing”, says Chris, “to be able to utilise the space that’s already there without having to put a strain on you financially”.


Councillor Bill Fairfoull, Deputy Executive Leader with responsibility for Children and Families said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity to create additional spaces in the homes of our amazing Tameside foster carers and offer more cared-for young people in the borough a safe, loving and stable place to live”.


You can find out more about the Room Makers project in the short film here:



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