2022 Annual Canvass Under Way

Date Released - 16/08/2022

TUESDAY, August 16, marks the start of the 2022 annual canvass which allows Tameside Council to check its electoral register is up to date.

When your name appears on the register, you are able to influence decision-making by carrying out you democratic right to vote. You will also find it much easier to do things such as getting credit or a mobile phone.

Over the next few weeks the Council will be contacting homes across the borough – in the vast majority of cases by email. Please don’t dismiss the email as a scam. It will be clearly marked as coming from the Council’s elections office – elections@tameside.gov.uk.

Check the details as you only need to respond if told to or if any changes are required such as adding further eligible electors or stating someone has left.

Responses can also be posted or made by phone (0800 197 9871). If there has been no change, you also have the choice of texting. All options are fully explained.

Tameside Council’s Chief Executive and Electoral Registration Officer, Sandra Stewart, said: “It is of the utmost importance that residents respond to our annual canvass emails if they are required to.

“If you don’t engage, and as a result your name fails to appear on the electoral register, you’ll be unable to have your say in the decision-making process by voting at any level: locally, regionally or nationally.

“The emails will be arriving soon, so please look out for them appearing in your inbox.”

For more information call 0161 342 8355, email elections@tameside.gov.uk or visit www.tameside.gov.uk/elections/annualcanvass