Stronger enforcement powers for Ashton to tackle anti social behaviour

Date Released - 27/10/2022

A PUBLIC Space Protection Order (PSPO) is to be put in place in Ashton Town Centre after receiving overwhelming support from local people and businesses.


The order, agreed by Tameside Council Executive Cabinet on 26 October 2022 and due to go live on 4 November, will provide stronger enforcement powers to help address concerns about crime and antisocial behaviour in the town centre and make the area safer.


Under the order - which covers the retail centre of Ashton but also goes beyond to cover potential gathering points such as Ashton Moss Retail Park, the memorial gardens, and the areas around the Parish Church, Asda and St Peter’s - the following activities are now banned:


Failure to comply to the order without reasonable excuse, could lead to offenders receiving a fixed penalty notice or a fine of up to £1000.

The council ran a six week public consultation on proposals to introduce the order and received 482 responses – over 90% of which supported the order. Only 3% of respondents outright opposed the order.


Of those in favour of the Public Space Protection Order being introduced, 11% raised some concerns on a number of areas including:



Signs will go up in areas covered by the order to raise awareness of the restrictions and the penalties for non compliance. The Community Safety & Homelessness Service will conduct an annual review of the impact of the PSPO covering its effectiveness in tackling anti social behaviour as well as monitoring any potential impacts as outlined above.


Tameside Council Executive Member for Town Centres and Communities Cllr Vimal Choksi said: “We have been working hard with the police, the community and other partners to tackle anti-social behaviour and make Tameside a great place to live, work and visit.
“The Public Space Protection Order in Ashton Town Centre will provide even stronger enforcement powers to build on this great partnership working and support the police and council officers in making the town more pleasant and safer for residents, businesses and visitors. We will monitor the approach, remaining sensitive to any concerns raised, to check it is effective and makes a positive difference.”

Supt Chris Foster, of Greater Manchester Police Tameside district, said: “Tameside Police welcomes the Public Spaces Protection Order in Ashton town centre in order to provide a useful option for addressing anti-social behaviour within the designated areas. Working in partnership with the local authority and through the work of the Community Safety partnership, we will address the issues which the community has specified as being problems within the town centre.


“The PSPO will be utilised appropriately and proportionately alongside current legislation and other opportunities for support agencies and the local authority to help those who may have issues which cannot be solved simply by issuing a fixed penalty notice. GMP has worked hard to improve safety and confidence of the public in the town centre area and has had success in doing so under the days of action such as Operation Avro and Operation Safer Tameside. We will continue to work with the local authority and most importantly, our communities, to address the issues we all face and ensure Tameside is a safe, peaceful and enjoyable place to live, work and visit.”


Notes to editors

The north-western point of the PSPO boundary is where Richmond Street crosses the railway heading behind Sainsbury’s into Ashton. It continues until it reaches the top of Penny Meadow and then skirts the war memorial along Fraser Street before passing between the telephone exchange and Albion Church down to the Whitelands bridge. It follows the railway line, encompassing Asda, until it reaches Cavendish Street. The boundary then takes an abrupt turn up to Lidl and then follows the Park Parade bypass west and along Stockport Road, behind St Peter’s Church, up William Street, and along Manchester Road to the M60. After that it turns north before passing around the Ashton Moss Leisure Park and taking a 90-degree turn up Richmond Street until meeting the railway line which runs behind Sainsbury’s.