Council Reaffirms Commitment to Staying Put Programme

Date Released - 26/01/2023

TAMESIDE Council has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting cared-for young people through its Staying Put programme.

By doing so it has underlined its promise to increase the number of care-leavers benefiting from a scheme which has proved highly successful. The pledge to provide networks to protect and nurture young people is a key element of the Resilient Families priority within the authority’s corporate plan.

At its January meeting, the council’s executive cabinet approved a review of the initiative based on the findings of a six-week consultation which took place at the end of last year. The previous scheme had been in place for a considerable time and needed to be refreshed.

Staying Put ensures cared-for children are able to remain in a safe and supportive family environment with their foster-carers when they reach 18 and start the transition into adulthood and independence. Its aim is to provide them with the same opportunities and life prospects as their peers.

Under the terms of reviewed policy, the weekly Staying Put payment increases from £177 to £231.74, which is a more comparable rate with other Greater Manchester authorities.

A clearer operational framework has been set out that is more easily understood by carers and young people, and early planning put in place through cared-for reviews and pathway plans to make sure Staying Put is right for young people and gives them the life skills they require to move into independent adulthood.

Cllr Bill Fairfoull, Tameside Council’s deputy executive leader, and executive member for children and families, said: “I am absolutely delighted that we, as an authority, have reviewed and renewed our commitment to the Staying Put programme.

“I know from personal experience how important it is that cared-for young people have all the support they need at that challenging time when they make the transition from childhood to adulthood and the world can seem a very daunting place.

“Staying Put is a Tameside success story that does a lot of good. I am both pleased and proud that we are not only going to retain and improve it, but expand it too.”