Elder Abuse - It's Everyone's Concern

Date Released - 06/06/2023

AS the numbers of elderly people increase across the globe, abuse of the elderly has become a growing issue in Britain and abroad.

The old are especially vulnerable as they are less able to defend themselves. Fear and infirmity can also be major barriers to seeking and getting help.

That’s why Tameside Adult Safeguarding Partnership Board (TASPB) is again supporting World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

This year, the board is working closely with partners in community safety and adult services to focus on three areas: Gaslighting – convincing a person they imagined something that actually happened, controlling behaviour, and predatory marriage – duping someone incapable of making their own decisions into marriage to get their money, belongings and property.

Cllr John Taylor, Tameside Council’s executive member for adult social care, said: “The vast majority of us will become old, with a greater chance than ever of living into our nineties. When that happens we could be the ones needing help.

“Elderly people may be vulnerable but they are entitled to dignity and respect as much as any other age group. We all need to play our part in supporting elderly members of the community. If you see or suspect abuse please report it to our team as soon as possible.”

To promote World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, TASPB and Tameside Adult Services will be hosting an information stand in the Wellness Corner at Ashton Market Hall on Thursday, June 15, from 1 to 4pm.

In the evening, Dukinfield Town Hall will be floodlit in purple, the colour associated with the campaign, and there will be purple-themed events including a game of purple bingo. People are also asked to show their support by wearing purple

Please get involved. Send your pictures to protectadult@tameside.gov.uk and we’ll share them on the TASPB web page.

If you want to find out more about safeguarding adults in Tameside visit www.tameside.gov.uk/socialcare/adultabuse 

To report any safeguarding concerns contact Adult Social Care 0161 922 4888.