Happy 150th Anniversary to Stamford Park!

Date Released - 06/07/2023

THE 12 July 2023 marks the 150th anniversary of the opening of Stamford Park to the residents of Tameside and beyond.

Stamford Park has been loved and appreciated by all ages since its opening in 1873, with the layout being similar to when it first opened.

Last year the culture and history was explored during the Edwardian Walk, led by Tameside’s Community Champion, Ken Morris, who worked collaboratively with the council’s Community Champions Programme and Greenspace Development on the project.

The park is situated on the historic boundary between Ashton-under-Lyne and Stalybridge, that also being the historic boundary between Lancashire and Cheshire.

It all began with the first references to Stamford Park in JR Coulthart’s Report in 1844 on the Sanitary Condition of Ashton-under-Lyne.

As the industrial revolution was in full swing and social commentators across the North West recognised the poor health of mill workers and the desperate conditions people were living in, people began to demand parks for people to enjoy on their day off.

On the day of the procession and opening ceremony, Lord and Lady Stamford, along with 60-80,000 people attended.

In the beginning, the park featured a bowling green, a flower garden (including the star shapes we still see today), Highfield House and various curving paths around shrubberies. The Cock Brook Valley (now known as the Dingle) was also within the park.

From this, the park was further developed by incorporating more land, the lake, additional bowling greens, model boating pool, and a bandstand. Monuments and memorials have been added to the park to commemorate and remember both people and events.

The 1950s saw the Coronation gates installed at Ashton and Stalybridge entrances, the demolition of Highfield House and the opening of the aviary, miniature garden and garden for the blind.

Stamford Park continues to be very popular and attracts a significant number of visitors every year. The park, which was refurbished to a high standard following a successful £3.9m Heritage Lottery Fund bid, has a wide range of facilities which include play areas for both younger and older children, water fountains, an aviary, café and toilets within the pavilion, bowling greens, multi-use games area and formal flower displays.

Tameside Council Executive Member for Climate Emergency & Environmental Services, Cllr Denise Ward said: “This anniversary is a wonderfully proud moment in history not only for Tameside but for the residents of Tameside also. Stamford Park has stood the test of time, whilst being developed along the way.

“The park has many facilities for all to enjoy whether you live in Tameside or travel to visit, as this amazing piece of Tameside remains a jewel in the crown.”

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