Young Tameside Bands Hit the High Notes at Manchester Academy 2

Date Released - 07/07/2023

Over 80 Tameside young musicians, aged 8-18 took to the stage on Sunday 2 July at Manchester Academy 2 in Tameside Music Service’s (TMS) Summer Showcase. TMS organised the event for 9 talented Tameside young bands performing their own and other well-known material.  

The young people gained the experience of performing in a world-class venue, working with a team of sound, light and event professionals from Manchester Academy. The bands came from different schools around Tameside as well as Tameside Music Service’s Band Skills groups.

Band Skills Hub is hosted every Wednesday evening at TMS Birch Lane Centre and is for any young musicians who want to learn everything involved in being in a band – from what leads to go where to microphone techniques. Young people also get the opportunity to play regular gigs around Tameside and Manchester.

Professional musicians from TMS facilitate as pupils play guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, keyboards, and vocals whilst learning everything they need to know about playing in a band. As well as playing their favourite songs, they also get to write their own.

Tameside Council Executive Member for Education and Achievement, Cllr Leanne Feeley, said: “The young musicians should be very proud of themselves, as we most certainly are! It is wonderful to see young people from across Tameside have been given the chance to showcase their talent on such a reputable stage.

“This fantastic opportunity allows us to witness the power of music, as it can bring people together and benefit individuals in such a wide range of ways such as education, social skills and adapting within a team, all whilst having fun!”

Kate Campbell-Green, Head of Tameside Music Service said, “This gig was a pivotal moment for us. It is a culmination of the last 4 years of our fantastic team of professional musicians working with emerging young musicians in schools and at our centre.

“The young bands knocked it out of the park, rest assured that the Summer Showcase is an event firmly planted on our calendar. We can’t wait for next year!”

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