Road sweeper answers the call for help

Date Released - 22/08/2023

Road Sweeper Craig Haydock had an interesting day at work last week when he went out of his way to help a local Audenshaw resident.

While out doing his rounds sweeping the roads around Aldwyn Primary School in Audenshaw, HGV Road sweeper Driver Craig was stopped by a local resident who told him she had lost her phone and that the tracker was showing it was inside his sweeper.

To find out and help the resident, Craig drained his vehicle of water and could then see the mobile phone through inspection door and was able to retrieve it safely form the rear of the vehicle.

When it came out the phone was miraculously undamaged and still worked perfectly.

The resident later contacted the service to thank Craig and said that the phone was invaluable to her work and finding it had saved her day and that Craig was “a wonderful human’ being for his unquestioning assistance in helping her find her phone.

Craig said, It was nothing really, everyone’s lives are on their phones these days and it was easy to help and get it out of the vehicle, it’s a mystery how it got there but at least we found it and it still worked. I was happy to help.”

Tameside Council Executive Member responsible for Environmental Services Cllr Denise Ward said: “Well done to Craig for helping the local resident locate their mobile phone. As always, our team members are always happy to help where they can and provide excellent customer service all in a day’s work to help residents and their local community. Great Job Craig.”