Tameside Youth Council help shape and improve services in the borough

Date Released - 17/11/2023

YOUNG people from across Tameside are working together to influence those in positions of power to make a difference.

The Tameside Youth Council is made up of 20 diverse young residents with ages ranging from 12-19 years old. The group represents the voices of other young people in the borough.

Their most recent project, which is in the development stages, was creating a short film to highlight the issues around Violence Against Women and Girls. It has involved eight members from the Tameside Youth Council and when completed, it will going to be used in secondary schools.

They are currently planning their contribution to the Make Your Mark campaign, which is a national campaign that gives 11-18 year olds the opportunity to vote on what they believe to be the biggest current issue.

The results of this vote will help influence decision makers who can make a real difference on the issues that matter to young people.

Whilst Tameside has had a youth forum for many years, in 2015 the decision was made to form the Tameside Youth Council. As a result, this granted young people the power to engage in subjects and with councillors and officers.

The group meets once a fortnight to discuss ways in which services can be improved for young people in Tameside. They meet at Bennett St Youth & Community centre, in Hyde.

Alongside their core meetings, they also attend Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority (GMYCA), Youthforia and other working groups.

In addition, they have two representatives on the GMYCA to have a say on decisions that directly affect young people.

The group also delivers voice of the child training, as well as educating professionals who work with young people in order to establish a foundation of understanding.

The Youth Council works with a wide range of partners, which is dependent on the nature of work they are working on at the time. For example, in the past when the Youth Council contributed to a service update they worked with the Education Psychologist team.

On a different occasion, the Youth Independent Advisory Group (IAG), which branches from the Youth Council, collaborated with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to learn about specific initiatives, whilst GMP welcomed feedback from the young residents.

Councillor Vimal Choksi, Tameside Council Executive Member for Towns and Communities, said: “It is wonderful to see young people across Tameside show passion and interest in how we can further improve the ways in which services operate with young residents.

“It not only encourages young people to speak up and use their voices but also keeps members on positive pathways.”

If you are a young person, who lives in Tameside that would like to join the Tameside Youth Council you must be aged 12 or over.

To join please email either katrina.perry@tameside.gov.uk or melissa.hopwood@tameside.gov.uk

For more information about youth services in Tameside, please click visit here.