Save money and energy this Big Energy Saving Week

Date Released - 17/01/2024

HOUSEHOLDERS are being encouraged to Think Green and take a look at the top tips on how to lower energy bills whilst making homes more environmentally friendly for Big Energy Saving Week.

Heating a home can lead to a big increase in energy bills, not to mention having the largest negative impact on the environment - heating of homes and other buildings account for around 37% of the United Kingdom’s carbon emissions.

Ways to improve the efficiency of heating a home and reduce the negative impact on the environment include improving loft and wall insulation, installing better windows and low carbon heating technologies, and making other improvements to the fabric of homes.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority has joined with a range of trusted partners offering free, tailored advice to help residents understand what improvements they could make to their homes – and what discounted or free upgrades they could be eligible to receive based on their circumstances.

Tameside residents can check their eligibility now by visiting the Greater Manchester Energy Scheme Checker here.

There are many other quick and easy tips to help residents reduce their energy usage such as: using a hot water bottle or electric blanket, draught proofing a house or running the washing machine during off peak periods.

Additionally, when boiling a kettle make sure it is filled with the right amount of water. Make sure dripping taps are fixed, and have a shower instead of a bath, as it uses a third of the amount of water.

Turning off lights, electricals and switches when they are not in use can save approximately £70 a year. Also, when cooking using a slow cooker can save money and energy. To see energy saving recipes and shopping lists click here.

Installing and monitoring a smart meter will track energy usage. There are free apps, such as Utrack by Uswitch, which allows users to track hourly energy over days, weeks, months or years. For more information about a smart meter, residents are advised to contact their energy supplier.

Tameside Council Executive Member for Climate Emergency & Environmental Services, Cllr Denise Ward said: “It is great to see so many quick and easy tips available for residents to not only save money but save energy too.

“In doing so, this will help our pockets and the planet, which is brilliant as we are encouraging everyone to try to Think Green wherever you can.”

For more information on how to save money and energy, click here.