Magpie’s Nest leads the way in Tameside's journey to net zero

Date Released - 22/04/2024

A Stalybridge business has taken significant strides towards reducing its carbon footprint while promoting active travel and supporting local businesses.

Magpie’s Nest has partnered with Tameside Council, Transport for Greater Manchester and Manchester Bike Kitchen, who are repairing and servicing the cycles, in trialling an innovative e-bike scheme.

The e-bike trial, which is open to other Tameside businesses, aligns with Magpie’s Nest's commitment to not only reduce its carbon footprint but also foster a healthier and more sustainable way of living.

Through the initiative the bike has been loaned to Magpie’s Nest so staff can use it for business-related activities, whether that’s for deliveries or cycling to and from work.

Since last year, the Stalybridge business has been actively improving its eco-friendly practices, and the team has implemented various measures to lessen its environmental impact. From switching to energy-efficient LED light bulbs to meticulous recycling practices and utilizing timers for lighting, Magpie’s Nest has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability.

Clara Horrocks, Magpie’s Nest shop manager, said: "We have the bike on loan for three months. It's been a fantastic experience so far.

“The bike is free to loan and, although we need to provide our own helmets and safety gear, the positive impact on both staff members and customers has been undeniable. Residents love the idea of local deliveries being made on a bike, and commuting to work on the e-bike sets us up for the day, free from the stress of traffic."

A Tameside Council spokesperson said: “As we embark on our journey to net zero, Magpie’s Nest's initiative in joining the trial of the e-bike scheme shows the proactive steps businesses can take to reduce emissions and promote sustainable practices. Their commitment to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also sets a commendable example for others to follow, as active workplaces can lead to healthier and happier staff.”

Any businesses that are interested in trialling an e-bike should get in touch with Marie Hare, Tameside Council’s community initiative officer, by emailing