Tameside child thrives with proper asthma management

Date Released - 07/05/2024

A Tameside mum is helping to highlight the importance of having an asthma action plan for children and young people after her own daughter was supported.

Sophie Hafford has told how her young daughter, Amelia-Rose, was diagnosed with brittle asthma after a series of visits to hospital with breathing problems.

She is highlighting her story as part of Tameside Council-backed World Asthma Day on 7 May. Over 15,000 people registered with a GP in Tameside suffer from the condition.

After Amelia-Rose’s first visit around the age of just three months old, mum Sophie Hafford estimated her daughter was going to hospital every other week before doctors discovered the underlying cause of her illness.

Brittle asthma is a serious form of asthma and can be life-threatening if left untreated without the knowledge of important symptoms or triggers, however it is rare.

But following Amelia-Rose’s diagnosis, mum Sophie worked with the children’s team at Tameside Hospital to put an asthma action plan in place to manage the condition.

This has resulted in a marked improvement in her health – and a lengthy stint without an admission to hospital.

“When Amelia-Rose’s problems first started, we assumed it was bronchiolitis but as it continued to get worse, we realised we needed to get to the bottom of it,” Sophie said.

“After lots of different tests she was diagnosed with brittle asthma, and the Tameside Hospital team immediately worked with us on an asthma action plan. This included trialling Amelia on a new medication and helping me understand how to manage things on a day-to-day basis.

“The asthma plan was very useful as I knew nothing about treating the condition. It has come in very handy as I know the symptoms and understand when to get her the help she needs at the right time.”

Sophie was full of praise for the team at Tameside Hospital for the advice and information offered to her and Amelia-Rose. She recommends parents make use of the expert support available locally.

“If your child has asthma, please go and get the help you need. We nearly lost Amelia-Rose, but the help and advice we have received has made such a massive difference.

“Nobody else I knew was suffering with or spoke about asthma, but speaking to the professionals has made all the difference. I feel more confident because I know about it.”

Cllr Eleanor Wills, Tameside Council Executive Member for Population Health and Wellbeing, said: "We recognise the critical importance of asthma action plans for our children and young people. Amelia-Rose's journey highlights the necessity of proactive management and understanding of this condition. With support and resources available in our borough, every family can safeguard against the dangers of asthma."

For more information about asthma visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/asthma/.

Anyone who believes they or their child may be suffering from asthma should make an appointment with the asthma nurse at their GP.