Sustainable transport scheme targets Tameside businesses

Date Released - 05/06/2024

BUSINESSES in Tameside are being invited to take part in in a free sustainable travel campaign which encourages commuters to make small changes to how much they drive.

Tameside Council has partnered with Manchester-based sustainable travel specialists Mosodi’s 1dayaweek campaign to incentivise employees to make greener journeys to work through a monthly prize draw.

Businesses that sign up will receive a digital promotion pack to send to staff, who will then be able to take part in the prize draw for two £100 vouchers each month.

During the school holidays traffic only drops by around 10% but journey times can reduce by half. Small changes to the amount we drive can bring huge benefits in terms of reducing the issues associated with having so many cars on the road.

Cllr Denise Ward, Tameside Council Executive Member for Climate Emergency and Environmental Services, said: "Encouraging employees to make even small changes in their travel habits can significantly reduce road congestion and improve air quality. By opting for active travel options we can create a more sustainable and healthier environment for everyone in Tameside."

Cllr Eleanor Wills, Tameside Council Executive Member for Population Health and Wellbeing, said: “The 1dayaweek campaign offers a practical and engaging way for businesses to support sustainable travel and contribute to a greener Tameside. Through the campaign, staff can boost their health by incorporating more walking or cycling into their routines, leading to improved fitness and wellbeing.”

Chris Taylor, Mosodi Director of Sustainable Travel Services, said: "We are excited to partner with Tameside Council to promote sustainable commuting. By participating in the 1dayaweek campaign, businesses can not only help the environment but also create a healthier, less congested community. Every small step counts, and together we can make a big difference."

As well as the digital promotion pack, businesses signing up will receive all the information needed to take part in the campaign along with more details on sustainable travel.

Any Tameside businesses looking to take part should email to receive their free promotion pack.